The Beth Haims of Curaçao

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Beth Haim Cemetery Records

Today many are researching their ancestry and looking for their roots. A surprising number of persons in the Americas, Jews and non-Jews, can trace their family back to the Jewish community of Curaçao. Do you think you have ancestors from Curaçao?

Search below for those buried in either of the two Jewish cemeteries in Curaçao, Beth Haim Bleinheim and Beth Haim Berg Altena, but before you do so please note the following.

The inscriptions on the approximately 2500 graves at Bleinheim are barely legible today. The Bleinheim records are from the catalogue of burials made by Rabbi. Dr. Isaac S. Emmanuel in the 1940’s and 1950’s and published in Precious Stones of the Jews of Curaçao in 1957.

In preparing this record, the spelling of names and their abbreviations as well as dates of death faithfully followed Emmanuel’s catalogue. It is likely that Dr. Emmanuel equally faithfully relied on what he was able to read and discern of the actual inscriptions.

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